How to Choose a Beret

The beret originated from the French Shepherd and developed into the British Army. It is not known if this is because the beret is used as a military cap in many countries, so it is attached to the charm of the army. Even if the girl wears it, he also has an army charm. How to choose a beret that suits you?

First, let me talk about the types of beret.


Oblique edge, dome without edge, rolled edge.

Oblique edge: That is to say that the edge of the cap is oblique, generally inelastic, and is fundamentally worn towards one side.

Dome without edge: This means that the edge of the hat is elastic, you can choose your method of wearing freely, like to wear forward, to a side or back.

Rolled edge: The edge of the hat is rolled, the material is hard and hard to change the hat shape.


Cortex, wool, velvet and knitted.

It seems a little more complicated, so I start with the wrong selection of styles and materials. The first is the oblique rim and the rolled beret.

Why ? Since most of the edges of the two forms of the hat are fixed and this style of beret is essentially wool, the texture is very hard, but the contour is very round, the overall feeling of projection is very low.

In addition, the beveled beret has at least the meaning of a girl, while the beret rolled has a sense of a middle-aged woman because of the flowers on the cap.

So, unless you are the most beautiful in the universe and have a small head size, do not choose these two styles of berets.

The second one that can not be selected is the knit beret.

Why? Because it is too soft, it is not easy to model. And the knitted hat has a sense of a girl, which will reduce the sense of heroic beret, so if you want to be a cute girl, it is recommended to choose an ordinary knitted hat.

So, unless you have a particularly good head shape that does not require a hat to stand out, do not choose a beret for this material.

Ok, then, the berets that the general public can choose are:

The beret dome without leather edge, the beret dome without wool rim and the beret dome without velvet edge.


The leather beret is suitable for a girl with a bright, tall face. It is better to adapt to the long coat. If you usually wear European and American styles, the leather beret is definitely a point of attraction.


Autumn and winter are perfect for plush berets. If you are tall, you can always choose European and American dresses.

If you look nice and sweet, I suggest you wear the sweet Korean style.

The baggy sweater + the girl’s socks are really cute.


The wool suits are always retro, so the wool berets have a strong European aristocratic temperament, and it’s best to fit with the elegant French style or the extravagant British style.

That’s all, then, I do not know if you have any useful knowledge of yourself, even if it’s a bit. One may could get a satisfying beret on the website:¬†

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