I like hats

The hat stuff is very fun always. When it is cold in the winter, the hat is warm and withstand the wind; When it’s hot in the summer, the hat can withstand the sun and cool. Whether in winter or summer, these four hats allow you more charming.

People who care about styles, they choose the style that suits their age; people who care about color, as long as the color is correct, whatever the style. In fact, these two options have certain rules to follow. As for the world of fashion, the importance of the hat is more important than the imagination, it is one of the indispensable elements of fashion.

The British hat is a must-have item in the wardrobe of trendy men who loves the style of the holidays, with a clean white T-shirt or a casual suit, and becomes an elegant fashion boy!

The cap was originally a hat worn by a hunter when hunting, as it is flat like a duck tongue edge, so it is called a duck tongue cap. Many designers like to use the cap when designing sportswear clothing for the adapted. The most common way to wear a cap is to wear it. However, the duck tongue is tilted to the side of the head, or the hat is simply worn at the back of the head, revealing a full forehead, which is also very cute.

The beret is back, it should never really pass, the berets that are squeezed under the closet can be restarted. If you want to buy a new beret, a bright style, can be a good choice. However, I personally think for the autumn and winter seasons, it is recommended to choose a dark wool material from Beret FR, it is warm and can match the dark clothes that we usually wear in autumn and winter.

It can be worn with coats, sweaters and leather jackets. Elegant and generous, it can not only resist the cold and the sun, but also have a retro temperament. In addition, it has the features of easy folding, without fear of clenching, beautiful and easy to carry. Therefore, the army of many countries has chosen to wear a beret. In the fashion industry, berets are mostly women’s accessories, it’s a women’s beret, but in recent years, berets have become popular in men’s clothing.

Knit hats are essential for winter warmth, and you can choose different colors if you want. In winter, such a hat is easy to warm. But the girls want to be different, they can choose the stuffed balls decoration, cute and fun, and have the effect of reducing the age. The exaggerated shape brings entertainment to the monotonous winter.

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